The Resort Pace Sports Village has had the pleasure of hosting, this year as well, the final day of the Buy Rural Tourism 2014.workshop - Panoramica

Sunday September the 21st, about thirty buyers and tour operators, both Italian and international (in particular from the United States, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Lebanon), have met several touristic operators and lucanian and interregional hoteliers, during the Workshop.
This year, the Buy Rural Tourism was even more targeted to buyers specialized in the areas of Wine Tourism, Equestrian Tourism and Touring Travels that took several moments to appreciate the green and varied landscapes of Basilicata in its authenticity and uniqueness. For this reason, in the Resort, it was also organized a "cooking lesson" during the day of Saturday, in order to allow all the people to try to make some lucanian recipes with their own hands, while, on the other hand, remembering Basilicata once returned home.