Summer in Basilicata is also synonymous with fairs and festivals that highlight the flavours of Lucania. There are several food and wine trails that take shape and life thanks to the various associations located in the territory. This year we suggest you, among the others, to take part in two events which will be held in Barile (Cantinando Wine & Art) and Sant'Angelo le Fratte (Le cantine aperte).

Cantinando is the Urban Park of Cellars, dug into the tuff in the fifteenth century with the fatigue of the arms, so dear to Pier Paolo Pasolini, who has shot there the initial part of the film "Gospel according tocropped-cantinando-top Matthew". Cantinando represents the Aglianico del Vulture, the red wine among the most prestigious in
Italy and which once was served to alleviate the hardships of work and hot. Cantinando is also a laboratory that follows the thread of hospitality; it is a crossroads of ideas involving boys from all over the world, reached through an International Work Camp looking for contacts with other cultural and connections with them. Concerts, wine tastings, exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photography and crafts, street art, theater, film screenings, conferences, book presentations, juggling, children's activities, culture and traditions.

This year again, during Cantinando, there will be, inside of it, a space dedicated to independent Italian music. The Soballera will perform during the first night; on August the 13th 2014 there will be a great return, with a new look, of the Tetes de Bois with Pierpaolo Capovilla; the third and final evening will be dedicated to one of those lucanian excellences that stood out in this last year treading the stage on May 1 in Rome: the Musicamanovella that will be on stage in Piazza Pasolini on August the 14th at 22:00.

In Sant'Angelo le Fratte, e Cantine Aperte enclose a food and wine path between the cellars hollowed directly into the rock of the mountain above the village, becoming now among the most important events of the summer of Lucania.Cantine Aperte 2014

The event, organized by the local Pro-Loco with the support of hundreds of volunteer citizens, has been held for more than a decade, with proven success, from the 12th to the 15th of August in the area called Cupa delle Cantine and offering the opportunity to thousands of visitors to taste wines, cheeses and other typical products of high quality of the local cuisine. There are, actually, many points of refreshment with cavatelli, sandwiches, roast, crepes and a lot of good wine. There is also space for artistic handicrafts, while the big news for this year is the Pantagruel pot, where an omelette with 1200 eggs will be prepared. The organization will provide visitors a shuttle service around Sant'Angelo le Fratte. A path not to be missed with music and dances framed by unspoilt scenery and charming, in other words, as the slogan says, it is an experience to live!

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