The Castle of Lagopesole, where Frederick II arrived in the summer of 1242 with his multiethnic court, to find release in nature and practice falconery, which was his favourite pastime, relives every year, on August 12, this first meeting with the Emperor, his son Manfredi, the falconer court and the rest of his entourage, fede2-300x168played by a hundred actors of the place, with voiceovers that describe a profile of Frederick.

Gifts, bows and a short show of dancers, jugglers and flag bearers precede the arrival of the procession, which runs through the streets of the village, while the square of “Largo S. Francesco” is set in medieval key, to host duels between soldiers, and six inns give life to the food and wine path From "Frederick II to the present day". The event is organized by U.N.L.A. Lagopesole, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Avigliano and with the support of the Regional Council of Basilicata and APT Basilicata.

The World of Frederick II (Il mondo di Federico II) is one of the "Great Attractors between history, nature and emotions" of Basilicata and makes Lagopesole the only castle in Europe to talk about the Emperor Frederick of Swabia: it is a complex project, consisting of an evening Multivision, projected from June to September, and a museum “Narrante”, which you can access all the year.

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