Aglianico del Vulture: lucanian and italian excellence

They were talking about more than 2000 years ago: Horace, from Venosa, already magnified the qualities and the great latin poet is also famous for the saying connected to it: "Nunc est Bibendum" (Now we have to drink). We are talking about the wine, of course, which is synonymous, in the area of the Vulture-Melfese, with Aglianico del Vulture!

vultureThe “Aglianico” is a DOC wine since 1971 and, with over 1,500 hectares enrolled in the vineyards and wines DOC, is now counted among the most prestigious red wines of Italy.

The Aglianico del Vulture is obtained from the vinification of grapes from the vine of the same name, located in the vineyards placed at the foot of Mount Vulture, a dead volcano from thousands of years. Just because it's a volcanic soil, the grapes that grow here assume unique organoleptic characteristics. In this area the Aglianico is grown up to 800 meters above sea level, but it finds the best conditions between 200 and 600 meters. There are two names to indicate the time of aging: Old (Vecchio) for a minimum of three years, and Reserve (Riserva) for five years. Its alcohol content ranges from 11.5 to 14 degrees. The yield of the grapes into wine must not be greater than 70%.
The wine cannot be put on the market before one year after the harvest and it is best consumed from the third year of age, because of its good several years of aging. 

The colour is ruby red and it takes orange hues with aging, while the smell is harmonious and grows in intensity and pleasantness with age. The flavor is dry, savory, warm, harmonious, tannic, with aging becomes more velvety. Since 2010 the Aglianico del Vulture Superiore is a DOCG wine produced in the “Vulture-Melfese” area and requires an aging of at least three years.

These wines are a good combinations with both white and red meats cooked on a spit, roasted and grilled, game and mature cheeses.

This wine is the leading actor of the Aglianica, an event which is held annually in one of the municipalities involved in its production (Rionero, Barile, Melfi and Venosa are some examples), where, in addition to wine tasting, are offered tastings of typical products of Vulture, such as meats, honey and cheese. The seminars are led by nationwide experts.

We invite you to taste this wine which has a unique flavor, as the land of origin!

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The famous director Coppola, testimonial of Basilicata

The famous American directorFrancis Ford Coppola has lucanian origins. In this video he talks about Basilicata as testimonial and especially as lucan who remembers the stories when he was a child. BASILICATA Laghi Monticchio"We have a region of Italy that is still preserved, still authentic, still unpolluted." the director says, talking about the native land of his grandparents. He continues narrating the flavour, the smell of the wine-cellar which his grandfather, now in America, rebuilt in the floor of his house and even the "lampascioni" and dried peppers, the "gnumiriedd" and the sausage. And the wheat fields, the grass expanses, its ancient history, the genuineness of its people and its unique landscape.
The video "Basilicata autentica" was produced and directed by Michele Russo Salfi with overhead shots of the Region. The music is the ballad "Morrison's Jig", performed by Giuliana De Donno, a musician from Matera
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