Castle of Melfi

Built at the time of the Normans and gone through nearly a thousand years of history, in the past the Castle of Melfi hosted five Pontifical Councils as well as Frederick II Hohenstaufen of Swabia, King of Sicily, King of Germany, Emperor of the Romans and King of Jerusalem, in XIII Century AD.


Castle of Lagopesole

The second major important Castle of Basilicata dominates the eponymous town at its foot. Its old walls have seen the Swabian emperors walking, as well as the French king fighting and winning, and the rebel bandits hiding in its halls during the war against Savoy, at the dawn of the birth of the Kingdom of Italy.


Monticchio Lakes

A huge extinct volcano, whose craters now host the Monticchio Lakes, the figure of the Vulture looming over the whole valley of Vitalba. Home of the Aglianico del Vulture, among the most famous wines in Italy, including its five characteristic peaks are hidden springs of crystal clear water and a delicious type of chestnut, the Marroncino di Melfi, which was born and raised among the branches of its peaceful woodlands.


Waterfalls of San Fele

The San Fele Falls, formed by the Bradano river, which goes back up to the Fiumara di Atella to later cross the Valley of Vitalba, offer beautiful trails in the nature.

The Flight of the Angel - Castelmezzano

Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa are nativity scenes set in the rock and facing each other from two peaks separated by Val Camastra, in the heart of the Lucanian Dolomites. Among some of the most beautiful villages in Italy, they are the location of many patron saints' days in the summer and the Flight of the Angel.


Venosa - The City of Horace

Ancient settlement of the Samnites millennia ago, conquered by the Romans in 291 BC, owes its name to the goddess Venus and the abundance and quality of its wines. It gave birth to the famous Roman poet Horace and hosts the Complex of the Holy Trinity and many other beautiful religious buildings dated back to between the 11th and the 16th century.


Grancia Park - Brindisi Montagna

Nestled in the Grancia Natural Forest, the Grancia Park is a popular theater that embraces cinema, musicals, theater and dance that tells La Storia Bandita, the period of Lucanian brigandage and the life of the brigand chief Carmine Crocco , from his origins up to the capture and death. "La Storia Bandita" is the story of rebels fighting against the invaders of their land, narrated by hundreds of actors in costume.



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