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Cristal sea, breathtaking mountains among the highest in the south of the Appennines, where you can sky in winter having the sea, rolling hills, green plains, villages like cribs litterally clinging to rocky clifs as background, but also city of art and archeology.
Enjoy your trip, then, and good discovery!


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The little medieval town of Melfi is famous for having been the administrative headquarters of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II from which he issued the famous Constitutions. It stands majestically on a hill surrounded by a city wall which is the only one of its kind in Southern Italy.
The town is dominated by the beautiful Norman-Swabian Castle, which has undergone many alterations over the centuries. It was originally built by the Normans and extended by Emperor Frederick II. Charles I of Naples then added several towers and the Caracciolo and Doria dynasties also left their mark on it.


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Be amazed by this delightful region in Southern Italy!
Basilicata, sitting in Italy's instep, is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered. Basilicat is one of Italy's lesser known regions - meaning miles of unspoilt white sand beaches, and fishing villages where tourists are still rare. There is no better time to discover Basilicata if it is the real Italy you love and want to explore.
Basilicata, what a discovery!


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In over 50 years, more than fourty films have been made in Basilicata, or Lucania as it was once called. Neo-realism, true stories, biblical films of awe-inspiring spirituality, stories of universally recognisable monsters. And then demons, portrairs of the farming world, comedies "all'italiana", costume dramas, dreams, miracles and magic. The world of great film makers has passed through here. For more than half a century, this land of a thousand faces has continued to amaze Italian and international film makers alike with its delights and its haunting qualities.


Miti e Riti di Basilicata IT

The arboreal rites, festivals in May and June that celebrate the regeneration of nature and fertility, in the Park of Gallipoli Gognato and Pollino, have crossed the centuries with impalpable force, because they speak in symbols and figures of a permanent world, more than archaic, therefore more than significant.

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Museums, sites, temporary exhibitions and unque collections weave the rich archaeological canvas of ancient Basilicata. We offer you a tour through museum halls filled with ceramics, jewellery, armoury and costumes, a walk through time accompained by heroes, men and women who from prehistoric times up to the medieval period have written the history in the Region of Basilicata. There are so many places and people to discover on a visit to our magical land.


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Basilicata, with its 30% of protected area, as well as the large Parks, has a wide number of Natural Reserves, of WWF Oases which can become part of a travel itinerary.


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A journey, an adventure and a story.
Basilicata, discovered and rediscovered through its museums and archaeological areas, provides visitors with fascinating places that have been traversed by peoples, made sacred by gods and inhabited by women and men with their activities, costumes and fears.
Routes traced out thousands of years ago are brought back to life, thanks to the discoveries of excavation campaigns that began over a century ago, and moments of everyday life, captured in objects that were used for household activities, warfare, sacred cerimonies and rites of passage recovered their true dimensions.
Anyone who wishes to venture along the fascinating paths of ancient history in Basilicat will feel like an "archeonaut", a traveller from the present who rediscovers the story of yesterday.


I Segni dei Cavalieri in Basilicata IT

The Middle Ages for the Basilicata Region of Italy, and for Europe as a whole, turned out to be an era of thriving youth. The year 1000 seemed to inaugurate this blloming age in which Europe, in Monk Raoul Le Chauve's words, "seemed to be clad in a white mantle of churces". The Empire revived under the German Ottonian dynasty while the frontiers of Christianity spread to the East and to the North. The severe outlines of Romanic cathedrals and Norman castles heralded the blossoming of a new civilization.


Basilicata Sacra IT

In the Year of Faith promulgated by Benedict VXI the realization of a work aimed at raising awareness of the cultural and historical heritage, both material and immaterial, generated by the vitality of the Christian tradition in Basilicata is of particular value.
The charm of the places sometimes seems to refer to a hidden meaning, that escapes the solitary mind.





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